Sunday, March 20, 2011

This just might work...

Yesterday I decided to use the computerized machine to sew for a friend. It's super slow going but I can do it since I don't need to use my foot. I can barely reach the ironing board so I need to get more creative to use the iron but at least I can start to do a bit of sewing for us & my shop.

I've got finals this week. Review in Kinesiology tomorrow morning, Spanish in the afternoon. The Spanish final is on Tuesday and Kines is on Thurs. They allow 3 hours for each. After that.....SPRING BREAK!!!! YAY!!! I really need a break too, lol! I think I need to rearrange 1 of my classes for next quarter though. If they do end up doing surgery I don't know if I can keep up with all 3 classes. Still debating that though. These classes aren't too bad and I should be able to prearrange any work so there isn't much to make up. I don't know. I'll think about it some more before I decide anything.

Breakfast is ready. My wonderful hubby is doing everything now so I can stay off this foot. He has not had a meltdown yet so I guess that's a good sign, lol. Taking full time care of Boo & me & the house & most of what Gracie needs is a 2 person job but he's doing it with no complaints. :)

Happy Sunday everyone! Enjoy what's left of the weekend.

Friday, March 18, 2011

MRI results

They could definitely have been better. It seems that I have a crush injury to the talus bone of my foot. To put that in simpler terms...I squashed the bone in the inner part of my foot that my leg bones rest on. It's apparently more complicated than I thought. The biggest fear is bone death since that bone has a poor blood supply. If that happens then it's definite surgery. I'm to be completely non-weight standing, no sewing with that foot no weight of any kind on the foot for another 4 weeks. In mid-April we'll x-ray it again. If the bone or tissues are dying we'll be able to see it, if not then we'll re-evaluate how things are going. I may still end up having surgery but it will be less likely if there is no bone death.

I'm going to try some sewing with my computerized machine to see if I can do it. I have my final exams this week and then off for spring break. The new quarter starts April 4 and I have 3 night classes. They are only 1 night each so I'm hoping that I can do this. I really don't want to get any farther behind in this program. *sigh*

Have a relaxing weekend everyone.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

MRI for my stupid foot

Well Wednesday is now MRI day. The doctor isn't very happy with the way this foot is healing so he wants to MRI it before giving an OK for physical therapy. If the MRI is good then we start PT; if not then we look at surgery.

Well I've got entirely too much to do to have surgery so I've made up my mind that it's going to look beautiful and we'll start PT soon. I'm cutting things to sew for the shop and for my family. I'm also doing lots of studying since finals are coming up. YAY for Spring Break!! LOL!

I'll get answers on Thursday afternoon so I guess I'll just have to keep the crutches handy and wait...patience is not my strong point either. ;)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Stupid sore foot....

OK, it IS my fault that it's sore and bruised. I admit that. I'll even admit I knew that I have to pay close attention when I take both dogs for a walk (but I did need to shut the front door).  However, I had no idea a foot could hurt like this for this long!

I saw the orthopedist today. We're going to have to do the MRI. This silly foot should be so much better than it is. I'm back to no weight bearing at all and still on pain meds. I've got classes and finals for the next 2 weeks so I just can't stay off it. I'm making as many modifications as I can but I'm the mom of a child with very unique needs. He can't do for himself so I have to do it. My wonderful husband is caring for our son most of the time but sometimes the little guy just needs his mommy...and I just need to hold him while I still can. (He's growing like a weed!)

I also turned in the paperwork for financial aid with the hospital. We were supposed to have an answer by today for the follow-up with the ortho. They decided to file all the paperwork away and not process it because I have insurance. Well the biggest problem there is that we DON'T have insurance and haven't for a few years now. I also reminded them of that when I took the paperwork in to the billing office.  *sigh*  Well they did get back to the doctor's office with my fee for the MRI. I have to pay a portion upfront then they'll decide how much, if any, to write off and set up payment arrangements for the rest.

I really must thank our Lord for this not being worse than it is and even more for my wonderful parents who are loaning me a credit card to put the co-pays on so the interest is lower than the company the hospital uses. God blessed me with a wonderful family who is taking really good care of me and my special kids.

Sorry this is all over the place. I needed to get it out and I'm sitting here all loopy from the Norco I'm taking. This stuff is worse than the Tea Cups at Disney World!