Saturday, February 26, 2011

Almost broken foot...

Well last weekend I decided to take a walk with both dogs before I started some Spring Cleaning. The coon dog unexpectedly got "locked" on something and bolted. Neither me nor the other dog were expecting it or prepared. I ended up with a possible broken foot and some seriously sore muscles.

We ended up at the Priority Care. They ignored all injuries except the purple swollen foot-they did x-ray it. The x-rays were inconclusive since there is a chipped bone in my ankle and we couldn't position my foot well due to pain & swelling. We're pretty sure the chip is old from when I broke it 14 years ago. We're going with the diagnosis...severe sprain/strain now. The upside is that I ended up with a lovely air cast walking boot instead of a traditional cast.
I still have numbness in my thumb and forearm that hasn't been addressed so I'm going to see the chiropractor this week to be realign my spine and "un-tweek" what I jarred out of place when I fell.

Needless to say there has been no college, no sewing, and no spring cleaning going on here and there won't be for a while. The orthopedist says anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months for healing. *sigh* I'm already so bored.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Computer games for the challenged...

I've been looking into computer games for Boo. There is an OK selection out there, which is nice. I'm so tired of the TV babysitter. I got Daddy to adapt a mouse to use one of Boo's switches and downloaded a trial version of one of the games I'm considering.

I think he likes them! We need to get an adapter for the mouse that now works with his switch so he's trying to use a standard mouse. It's a bit challenging but he's only got to click it on either side so he's doing pretty well. Looks like I'll be ordering that game and maybe a few others. Thankfully they're reasonably priced between $30-$60. It's a lot of money but most of them have several different games on each disc.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Too much to do, too little time yet again

Being a full-time student, full-time mom of unique children and a full-time wife is wearing me out. Gracie now has the Flu (thankfully she's doing well otherwise) and Nikolas is brewing something but we don't know what.
I took 4 classes (16 credit hrs) this quarter. I think that it wasn't a good choice for me. I am quickly losing my momentum and just want to finish the Occupational Spanish certification and go back to being a Medical Assistant. I do like Massage Therapy but I'm just not into the college thing. I don't know where my longing to do this went. I feel like 2 of my classes are a bust...I'm not learning anything in either one. To be fair, I have missed some classes but even when I am there I don't feel like I'm learning anything. I'm not the only one so if I can just stick it out this quarter and wait for Shannon to come back maybe it will get better.
Massage Therapy will be so much more flexible for me but after spending so much time in doctor's offices lately I really miss working there. My biggest issue is finding part time. That's almost impossible. I'm not sure what I'm going to do but something will have to give. I can't continue to stretch myself like this. It's not fair to any of us and Jim gets the least amount of attention mainly because he's a grown-up and can deal with it (whether he wants to or not-I did for ages while he built a company-it's my turn now).

Sunday, February 6, 2011

"For A Cure" 3 very important words-that need to be shared

Generally I don't get into all the messes of other's lives. I have enough drama here. However, this has come to my attention and it really saddens and bothers me. Apparently "for a cure" is not for use by any one but The Komen Foundation.  ??? I understand the "pink" thing but they are suing an Atlanta Mito group who used the phrase. Ummm Mito is marked by a GREEN ribbon with the word "MITO" on or under it. We aren't taking ANY funds from The Komen Foundation.

Charity Brawl:Nonprofits aren't so generous when a name's at stake

I honestly want a cure for breast cancer! I have friends and family members who have or have had this horrible disease. That said, there are a LOT of diseases that need a cure. There are many non-profits looking "for a cure" for their chosen disease. I am VERY DESPERATELY looking "for a cure" for Mitochondrial Disease. It is slowly, painfully KILLING MY SON!! It will continue to devastate the lives of families who watch their young child wither away and are unable to even provide comfort. There are no treatments for Mito. There is no cure for Mito.

Breast cancer has had so much publicity that there are now treatments and even cures for some forms. Share the wealth please. Most people don't even know Mito exists much less what it is. I personally think that Susan Komen would be very saddened by this waste of funds for lawsuits over the use of 3 very important words used in the life of many with other life threatening or life altering diseases. :(