Sunday, August 21, 2011

Crazy times but it's worth it

I know it's crazy but I'm going to finish the Massage Therapy certification. I love being a Medical Assistant and the prn schedule is working out well but with the hiring freeze at the hospital it's almost impossible to get a set office that I like being in. I don't hate any of the offices but I do prefer certain ones over others. I think staying prn while I finish school is definitely my best option right now. School is back in session for the kids and I resume classes in Sept. Wish me luck! Here's goes my sanity, lol!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

New job, no summer school

Well I finally got on at our local hospital. OK, I work PRN for the Medical Assistant float pool thru the main family practice office but who cares. It's crazy hard to get any of those positions and now I have my foot in the door. I was told it can easily turn into a full time position with one of the local practices that use the floats. That's actually how there were 2 openings, those 2 floats were hired on full time at some of the offices. I like the sound of that but the flexibility of floating sounds wonderful to me.
Unfortunately there are no benefits (PTO, insurance, etc) since I'm considered PRN but I can also decided when I work with no repercussions for saying "no, I don't want to work that day". With my life & kids....that's a HUGE bonus! Plus it allows me to get back into the workforce but still be there for the kids. Win-win I say. :)
I have decided not to take any classes this summer. I really like being a Medical Assistant, which I already have an associates degree for. The whole college scene is just not where I want to be. I will still have to go back in January for 1 last class for my Spanish certification but I'm still debating whether or not to continue with the Massage certificate. All this time in college (3 quarters) and I've only taken 3 classes that count for it, all the others were Spanish. I just don't want to spend another $16,000 & 12 months for a degree I will barely if ever use. I can't justify it.
Actually though I'm not in summer school, there is a rather big possibility that my DD will be. For Language Arts of all things. That is usually one of her best classes. *sigh* Well she's just going to have to learn to get the things done when they're supposed to be even if it isn't when she wants to do them. Welcome to growing up sweetie!

Monday, May 16, 2011

My life needs to change...

We all are, shall we say, strongly encouraged to make changes in our lives at times. Sometimes they are because we want something better sometimes God says "You need change" and narrows our options so we must make them. He always allows us to decide but there are times when he narrows the options so we will do something. This is one of those times for me.
I've known for a while that I cannot survive, much less thrive, as I am living now. I'm not happy with much of anything right now. Discontent is never a happy place to be; but at times it's what we need to see that we must make a change. I have decided to go back to work. My husband has been laid off for over 2 years now and has no desire to do anything but what he used to do for work. Not necessarily a bad thing but there are no jobs in that field right now. He has decided that he's just going to be here. There is much more to this of course, but the basic idea is that he's doing dishes and not much else. I feel that you should support your husband in times of hardship but I also feel that turning down a job in his field (the only one offered in 2 yrs) because you want $27/hr and it's only $15 is wrong. His pride is again more important than the family needs are. Unfortunately I've seen that a lot over the years. I am continuing to pray for guidance for us and our family (lots of other issues here too).
I feel that going back to work and putting college on the back burner is what I need to do right now. I applied for a job listed with our local hospital last Sunday afternoon. I got an interview call on Monday. The interesting part is that the call wasn't for the job I sent a resume for. It's for what I have a degree in and honestly enjoy doing. I believe that's God at work. This job wasn't, and still isn't, listed. It has the flexibility I need with a special needs child at home. I've wanted a job like this since Boo was about 3 and I started thinking about returning to work. I can use my Spanish in this position if needed too so the schooling I've done so far is not a waste. I think education is never a waste but when it comes with the price tag I'm going to be paying the knowledge should be used as often as possible. I believe God opened this door for me. I'm believing that he's got a plan and purpose for me in this position. I've done the interview and am waiting to hear from them. I am believing that this is my position. Of course there are times when the negative thoughts slip in but I push them back with the thought that I didn't know this position existed, it found me. I should know by mid-week if all goes well. Pray for me please. I really need this job. We can't exist on what we bring in right now. We're falling behind and there are things that need taken care of that have been put off for many months.
Finances seem to be the biggest problem in many troubled marriages. Ours is no different. This won't fix everything~I know that. I just hope it will ease some of the burden so we can focus on the other issues we need to address.
Happy thoughts. Today is Monday. The start of a new week full of promise and potential. :)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Goin' for another 90 days!

I just got the OK to be "boot free" another 90 days!  We'll do another x-ray & follow-up appointment in July then again in Dec or Jan. Officially it's still a taler dome fracture (still broken) but healing nicely and it's one of those breaks that takes forever to heal. Still it IS healing and I am boot free just in time for summer! YAY!!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Bye Bye Boot!

I'm so excited to say that over the next 7-10 days I will be transitioning OUT OF THE AIRCAST BOOT!!!! I don't know how people stand those things for very long. Granted they are much more comfortable than a traditional plaster cast but they are so bulky and heavy. Anyway my talus bone is healing nicely so Dr. H. is getting a bit more aggressive and wants me out of it as much as I can to build strength and flexibility. I go back in 3 weeks for another evaluation and to be sure it's still doing well. I am allowed to walk and wear both shoes but no heels, running, jumping or strenuous activity. Truthfully, it's so weak I wouldn't dream of trying those things anyway. I do have to figure out what shoes I'm going to wear for Easter Sunday now...I'm not sure where my flat dress shoes are. I guess I may end up in tennis shoes but I'm wearing pants anyway this year so it will be fine. I'm so glad this is almost done!
Have an amazing Easter weekend everyone!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

It's healing!

After new x-rays this morning I found out that this foot is healing! I can take off the boot 3 times a day for range of motion. Here's the best part....I don't have to leave it on at night to sleep!!!! *clapping & doing a little happy dance*

I still need to  have a CAT scan done next week to verify that the hollow spot is filling in but then I will begin the slow process of walking without the boot. I have to build the time with it off but that's OK! They want me to be out of it by summer. Personally I'm shooting for mid-May but I'm just glad it's coming off and the foot is healing. :)

Just thought I'd let you all know. :D

Friday, April 8, 2011

Wednesday night Spanish class

WOW!!! I knew this would be my hardest class but OH MY!!! There is absolutely NO English spoken in class. Ummm I'm already behind since I didn't get to take the 2nd grammar class so I don't know all the basics yet. Thankfully Christine Stone is a very patient & wonderful instructor. She wants us to use our dictionary to work out our questions in Spanish and she'll correct us as needed. This way we really learn the language and how to speak it. We also focus on proper pronunciation so I will be able to understand (somewhat anyway) and speak to my patients/clients who are Hispanic.
When class started last night I got so anxious that I didn't know if I wanted to pass out or throw up, lol. I can't imagine how much I'm going to have to catch up on if I end up having surgery on this stupid foot injury. We only meet 1 night a week for 4 hours and our grade is based on participation. You MUST try to speak to get any points and they are 35% of your grade. It will all be worth it in the end though so I will pass both the Tuesday night & Wednesday night classes with decent grades. (Yes I have another 4hr Spanish class too.) I will be taking the "missing" grammar class over the summer and then I will have a certificate in Occupational Medical Spanish. I don't know if I'll go back into Medical Assisting but it will be nice to have it anyway. Besides, you never know, I may get Spanish speaking massage clientele. :)