Thursday, July 22, 2010

Our "Volunteer" Garden

I usually have a pretty decent garden in the backyard but this year I just didn't have time to get it going. It's about 8ft x 12ft so we get a decent crop with room to move inside.

I did go out and weed in and put Preen down in late April but that was the last time I did much there. Well, this week I went out to see what was there since Jim told me that a few tomato plants came up again and I should cage them so he didn't mow over them. They "volunteered" to come back on their own so I didn't have to buy more this year, lol!

The weeds were awful!

I saw a few tomatoes and some dill so I figured I'd clear out the jungle growing there and bring the potted garden out back for better sun.


There were about 15 tomato plants and 3 bell pepper plants. I left about 10 tomatoes and the bell peppers plus planted the potted ones from the front.

It's going to be a very nice harvest this year after all.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

More minor surgery...

Well Boo did great on Friday. He had a muscle biopsy for diagnostics. We're hoping that this will tell us what happened to cause all his disabilities but there's still now guarantee. Really we're hoping that this will give us a plan of care for him.
They took out 2 pieces of muscle that were about the size of a dice (each one!). He's done a great job. He's not been too grumpy and is sleeping well so now we just wait for the results. Again. ;)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Another job interview

Well I had a job interview a few weeks ago with the local hospital. I was one of 2 "finalists". I didn't end up getting the position. It came down to me not having "current" experience. Well I've been home with my disabled 6 year old soooo my experience in a PAID position isn't current but I have plenty of experience with Medicaid, insurance companies, and lots of people skills since we have so many different kinds of people we deal with for all my kids health issues.

Now, I have a "second" interview on Monday with an in-state small company that provides in-home care for waiver clients. It's actually a perfect position for me (weekend only) and I hope I get it. Basically I'll be getting paid to do what I already do but for other people besides my son. Keep your prayers coming and your fingers crossed. I'll let you know when I do.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Can I get the recipe....

WOW! What an awesome site! I found this site on a group I visit. They are great. They come up with recipes and a shopping list for you. We've tried several of the recipes already and even my picky family likes them. Even if you only use some of the recipes each week it's free and well worth it.
They're doing another give-a-way this week for the book "250 Home Preserving Favorites" and I REALLY want a copy of this book. It full of recipes for jams, jellies, and preserves. I've never done them before and these recipes are supposed to be fool-proof. If I win...I'll make the "Spiced Mango Jam" first, then "Lemon Blueberry Marmalade" and then "Orange Earl Grey Marmalade". I'll let you know if they are preserving-challenged proof when I'm done.
You can enter the give-a-way at their site but you have to subscribe to the newsletter first. Easy-peasy right! Heck it's for a free cookbook...besides fabric what could be better?! (LOL, I know...I'm a bit "off" sometimes...just call me old-fashioned and look away.)
Hop over to Can I Get the Recipe? for some fun new ideas and shake up dinner next week. :)