Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Food, Family and a bit of relaxation....that is the description of our Thanksgiving. :)
My husband's mom, sister, her boyfriend and their new baby (ok, he's 5mths now) are in town for a few days and we had them over for supper. It was a nice time and very relaxing. I LOVE to cook and had plenty of people to eat it so it was nice.

My sister, daughter and I went to the Christmas Walk again this year. It was rather sad for us. My sister & I have been doing this on Black Friday for so many years. This year most of the little shops we like are closed, our "regular" restaurant was sold & is now a "coffee shop" and there was a serious lack of Christmas spirit in most of the shops. The place was well decorated and there were a few shops that really went out of the way to make it special though. We're debating whether or not to try again next year...guess we'll have to see how the economy is.

Sunday is MY day and I'm in the Christmas mood so I'm putting up our decorations and the tree!! Sorry honey but E. Scrooge is no longer invited so if you want to hang out with him...hit the "man cave".  :)