Saturday, March 21, 2009

I found another great blog by another wonderful mom of a special needs child. It's called Dream Mom (also a Blogger blog). She's a really sweet lady and took the time to respond to me when I emailed about the Compleat. She's a single mom with her hands full but she's going about it happily (as often as we can) and quite an inspiration if you need a pick me up. There is a very good post about what our faces show when we look at our kids. I never thought about it much but when I'm worn out I wonder what Nikolas sees when he looks at me. I hope he understands that I wouldn't trade him for anything and he's not a burden to me at all. I hope Mikayla knows that too. I try tell them both these things but I'm not sure if they really "know" it. I'm making the mental note to remind them again (and again). The post is titled "If your child's face were a mirror what would you see?" Quite an intereting thought, even for those with typical kiddos.

Blended diet again

Well we've been working into more blended foods for the last few days and Boo is finally starting to perk up. I also found out about a blended formula. It's called Compleat and is from Nestle now. It's one of those formulas that either works well for you or not at all. I think we're gonna try it though. It's made from real food rather than sugar water with powdered milk and a multivitamin. It's got to be better that what we're doing now. I really just want it for when I can't use the blended stuff (when we're out or I'm sick). I understand that we'll probably need a different kind of pump because it's pretty thick. I don't use the pump much and more but we need if for when Daddy or my parent need to do the feeds. It makes it much easier for them to be sure to get the right amounts in him. I'm still looking into our options but I really want the "sugar water" stuff out of our lives. I mean really, would you feed your typical child nothing but sugar water and a multi-vitamin? I know I wouldn't so why should a medically fragile child, who needs the best nutrition to be healthy, have to live on that stuff? Nikolas is also working on oral feeds as well so this just makes sense. I can do his oral stuff then blend it down more to go through the tube. Viola-healthy & happy little man!
Have a great weekend everyone!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Boo's new pj's

OK, Nikolas is growing like a weed and I decided I need to get him some lighter weight pj's done before the fabric I've got isn't enough and I can't get anymore. I traced and resized one of the one piece polar fleece outfits he got for Christmas. I've never done ones like this before. I'll definitely make a few changes for the next ones but all in all I'm pretty proud of how this came out. I even made matching g-tube pads. :)
I need to take pictures of Mikayla's Tink gown I made her for Christmas. It came out really nice too. I LOVE flannel! It's warm in the winter and cozy in the summer (Jim likes the arctic blast from the air conditioner so it's a bit chilly at night).
Hmmm, I thing we really need to fix that door to the sewing room too. It's lookin' really sad.
Night all-it's late and Boo needs these pj's for bed.
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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A change maybe?

Well, life stinks right now, why? Because I've got a long time ago (over 15mths ago) customer who wants stuff removed from my Etsy shop. Problem is since Etsy is an auction site only the Admins can do that. They (so far) don't think is needs to be done.
So far I've gone through all the anger, irritation, fear, etc and my solution is that I'll open another shop and close this one. I'll lose all the 100% positive feedback I've accrued but I can copy & paste it in another section for those who want to see it.
I suppose this is as good a time as any since I'm looking at making this a part-time job instead of just a hobby. A new name is also a good idea. I still like something to do with "special needs" since that is my focus. I'd also like something that starts closer to the beginning of the alphabet since "S" put me at the end of many searches. Oh and it has to work for the blog too. Good grief-this is crazy. On the positive side-a fresh start is not a bad thing. Well, it's late and I'm going to bed. Goodnight all.