Thursday, March 25, 2010

Guess what Boo did!?!

That little monkey lost his first tooth today! 2 months before his 6th birthday.
It's in the center front of the lower jaw on the left. I have looked everywhere for it and can't find it.
I noticed this morning that it looked a bit more spaced than before but it was there during Sesame Street so he lost it after lunch. We figure he must have swallowed it 'cause I've looked everywhere and no tooth. I checked the bed, feeder seat, playmat, floor around the mat, and everywhere in between. The tooth fairy is just going to have to take an "I owe u" for the piggy bank money. LOL!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

MRI's & EEG's

Well we're finally home from the hospital. Boo had a 24 hour video eeg and a sedated MRI. The VEEG was so boring! You just stay in the room and they video everything he does for 24 hours. He did have some "events" one the screen but I think they are probably subclinical seizure activity. He's grown & gained weight but we haven't upped his medications so it's probably time. I don't mean to sound like I don't care, I do. It's just that we've been doing this for so long I'm tired of the "let's try this or test that" and still no answers. As long as his seizures are controlled I'm OK and letting God deal with the rest.
Anway, after they disconnected him we went down to MRI so they could sedate him and do that. Once again he "politely declined" to wake up after the procedure. I warned the anestheologist, she assured me this gas wouldn't do that...ummmm well it did. I asked what she used so I could add it to my list of things not to use again but no one could tell me so I get to research that later. His vitals looked great but it took 6 hours for him to wake up so I'd rather not use it again.
I understand that it could be a few days to a few weeks before we get the final test results...have I said how much is dislike waiting for test results?
Well, the kids are on spring break this week and our 9th anniversary is Wednesday so I'm planning to just spend time with the kiddos, sew, and enjoy the 3hour respite we'll have on Wednesday. The answers will come when they come...worrying does no good. Enjoy the rest of the weekend...I'm going to. :)