Thursday, December 3, 2009

Friday, Day 5 Sea World

Originally I planned to do another day at the Magic Kingdom today but since tonight was the Pirates and Princesses party at the Village I wanted to do a shorter park so we weren’t too tired to enjoy both.
Our visit to Sea World today was really so the kids could feed the different animals and to sight see. While we like the shows we just aren’t that into them and I’d rather take the kids to watch the animals in a more realistic environment. I know it’s not nature but they can enjoy them more this way. Besides since Nikolas is visually impaired and Mikayla has aspergers the crowds and confinement are not a great idea for us.
The Mikayla and my mom fed the stingrays while I tried to figure out how to get Nikolas close enough to see them. Well, it just didn’t happen so I took some video and we moved on to the dolphins. We didn’t get any video of the kids feeding and petting one (camera issues) but the Sea World camera got a few really nice shots so we have memories I couldn’t see since I was holding Nikolas.


It was a really good experience for both kids. After that we went to feed the Sea Lions. Mikayla tried her hand at feeding them but trying to keep the birds away and get the fish to the sea lions was crazy! They have a sign posted “do not feed the birds” yeah right. Good luck, those little buggers don’t give you much choice. I think they got more than half of her fish.

We decided that we were going to wander the park next and saw the manatees and some really nice garden areas.


That was really all they wanted to do so we decided to gather up any pictures the park took and head out.

Since it was still early afternoon I decided to take Mikayla back to the Titanic Museum. We went there in 2005 at it’s old location and she really liked it so I thought we’d see how it was in the new location. Mikayla and I went in by ourselves while mom and dad took Nikolas for a walk. Most of the tour was very similar to last time but they are able to display things better and you can really get in and see the artifacts. They did change some of the things at the end of the tour because they show things from the more current dives and the gift shop doesn’t have the books and maps we bought but it was still very interesting. This is something she wanted to do but then changed her mind because she thought it was too expensive. Momma decided she deserved it and made sure the money was there.

We were back at the village before 5:30 so there was a few minutes to rest before we went to dinner and got ready for the party.

The Pirates and Princesses Party was so much fun! Mikayla met up with Nidra so they went wandering to see what the Princesses tables had while I took Nikolas to get his face painted. I decided he would only sit still for a moustache and it came out so cute! “Captain Nikolas” was here! (He really likes Captain Jack from the Pirates of the Carribean series.)

All three girls got made up like princesses and Deyki wore a pirate costume. They all looked so good. Next, Shamu and Dolly came out dressed in pirate and princess clothes. I got few minutes of really nice video of them interacting with all the kids. Mayor Clayton and Mrs. Merry were also dressed for the party and came in the cutest cars! The girls went to check out the cars and I got a good picture of them too. There were dances and the kids were presented as “Pirate…” or “Princess…”. Nikolas loved this part because they got all the kids on stage and they were the center of attention.


All too soon it was over and we headed back to our villa.