Monday, September 27, 2010

Schools in session!!

I'm back in college, again. The final degree will be Therapeutic and Clinical Massage and a medical Spanish certificate. I'm completing the message therapy program first so I can get to work but will be continuing on with the Associates Degree. That means I will be a Medical Assistant with a Coding Specialist diploma who is also qualified (& will be certified in) Clinical and Therapeutic Massage.
On another note...both kids don't feel well. My first day of college and I get a call from Mom...the High School called and Gracie needs to be picked up because she's running a fever and nauseated.
The joys of parenthood, lol! I'm waiting to see if she's well enough for school tomorrow. Boo doesn't have a fever but he just looks "off". I'm waitin' for him to show any other signs of being sick. He's due for his physical Friday so hopefully not. Oh, it's soooo time for me to go to bed! Maybe if I sleep it will all be better in the morning. Nite all!