Wednesday, April 29, 2009

So tired...

I'm so tired now. Tired of fighting with the middle school about my daughter, worn out from trying to please my custom order clients, tired of my messy house, tired of going thru all the stuff (JUNK) we really don't need that's taking up so much space. I sooooo need a vacation!!
The middle school is driving me NUTS! Gracie is failing 3 classes (this from a girl with 98-99th percentile ISTEPs!)and all they can say is, "she needs to be more responsible....she needs to do blah blah blah....! Actually any more all I hear is "blah, blah, blah" when they call kinda reminds me of the teacher on the Peanuts cartoons we used to watch as kids. ;)
I'm sorting and discarding anything that I possibly can. I mean clothes, boxes of anything I don't want to look at, old movies that Nikolas won't watch 'cause they're too girly, all that extra bathroom junk that somehow accumulates. Why do we need to try 800 different hair products anyway? I mean Gracie & I both usually wear a ponytail or braid, possibly a hair clip. Who needs that much stuff?Pappa and Boo both have really short hair so they don't either.
I'm so over all the accumulated crud. Part of me is going "Please just make it all go away!!" The other part says I should at least look at it to be sure we really don't use it before I pitch it. I hate to re-buy things I just tossed out.
On a better note...I'm setting up a set of recycling bins for some of the things we use a lot of like paper and plastic. It's not as green as I'd like but we're in a super small house and they don't pick up our recycling so I have to store and transport it to the city dump where the recycling center is.
I think I'm going to stop taking custom orders for awhile. I'm getting so burned out. I haven't even been doing that many but I started this as a hobby and to help out others. I find that I don't even want to sew much anymore. Plus I can't afford to have any real income from this or we could lose Boo's medicaid and no other insurance will touch him because of all his medical issues.
I think I need to get a few nights of sleep that are more than 5 hours and maybe I'll freshen up some.
Sorry, I didn't mean to rant and vent this much but sometimes that happens when your life is crazy like mine.
Have a good night!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Autism Awareness month

April is Autism Awareness month! Please take a few minutes out of your day to read a bit about this spectrum of disorders. There is so much more to them than "Rain Man". I know that's what most people picture when they hear "Autism". There are many different forms of several different disorders on this spectrum.

I once had it explained like this...
Autism is like a double rainbow. The bright inner rainbow is your basic Autism disorder. One end is the mildly affected person the top/middle is the moderately affected and the other end is the severely affected. The second, less visible, rainbow is for the other Austim disorders like Asperger's Syndrome and Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD). This rainbow is marked the same way...mild, moderate and severe.

My DD is somewhere in the mild to moderate category. To look at her you'd never know there were any issues, to speak with her you think...Albert Einstein, then as you get to know her you begin to notice the differences. Some people say, "brat" or "needs better discipline". Her teachers are fond of "she should know that". My response to that is "she would if you'd take the time to TEACH HER-which, by the way, is what you are being paid to do". I've gotten so discouraged that my tact is gone after 7 years. I try to remember that each year is a new set of teachers and I let them form their opinions before I make known what the school & co-op don't. They have a special needs child in their class. I frequently hear things like "she's too smart to have anything like that". Ummm, maybe they need to read up on this stuff again.
I'm getting so tired and frustrated with this fight.

At least they don't fight me with her brother. They're quick to give him whatever I ask for. I guess the fact that he's so obviously physically and mentally delayed that they can't deny it is in his favor. That would make our school system look really bad. It's such a shame that they deny children like my daughter and another of her classmates any help and services even with diagnoses from expert physicians. It does such a disservice to them and our area.

I'm asking that you, please, read up on the different Autism Spectrum disorders. Maybe you will look a little differently at that child who's having a melt down in Kroger or a tantrum in WalMart next time. We aren't bad parents, we do provide discipline for our children but sometimes we have do deviate from our regular schedules and these little ones just can't handle that. Bear with us and please don't may not have all the information to make the right judgement.

Friday, April 3, 2009

A new diaper for our hospital times

One of the fabric coops I belong to is running a group buy on a pattern called "Daddy Flats". What a great design! They are perfect for the hospital. Flats that fold easily and snap so the nurses don't have to use pins. Yep, I've talked with the designer and I'm getting a copy for me. They're made with 2 layers of fabric and take no time at all and minimal sewing skills. You could even pin these if you don't have a snap press for the snaps. Curious? Go to and look at her awesome design. I just wish I'd have thought of this. ;)